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Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls are considered the best sex dolls on the planet because they closely mimic real people when it comes to look and feel, and the durability and sensation of using silicone sex dolls is almost unrivaled.

If you are in the market for one of these dolls but you want to know more, then you came to the right place.

This will go over the construction of silicone sex dolls, compare silicone to other materials and also talk about care and overall sensation.

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How are Silicone Sex Dolls Made?

Silicone sex dolls seem like a dream. They can be posable, are nearly identical being with a real woman and look so realistic. Be prepared to have the mysticism taken out of it as we are about to go into how these dolls are made.

Let’s first start with silicone.

Silicone itself is a manmade polymer, which means that it has a large repeating chain of molecules.

The majority of these molecules are silicon and oxygen along with a fair bit of carbon and hydrogen.

By adjusting the polymer concoction, one can change the texture of silicone. As you’ll often notice with silicone sex dolls, some parts are softer while others firmer.

This is done by experts who know how to properly balance their silicone for the most realistic feel.

Molds are absolutely essential in the creation of silicone sex dolls.

The molds can be made directly from people, often adult film stars or those with uniquely attractive physiques, or crafted by an artist.

Most artist-made molds are usually first created with 3D modeling software, but they can also be done by hand.

Silicone is poured into the mold and then cured until it hardens and feels more like skin. A mold can often be used for a year before needing to be replaced.

Unlike some silicone sex toys that just use silicone and nothing else, silicone sex dolls are a little different. They have an underlying skeleton that the silicone is placed on. Usually, this skeleton is made of metal, but plastic is also common.

Many of the most important parts are placed on individually, such as the vagina, face, breasts, and limbs. The silicone is then smoothed out until it looks like a real body.

Many silicone sex dolls can be customized so that they have a body shape and facial features that appeal to you. Though silicone sex dolls are highly detailed in general, the face is often the most detailed part.

Most custom silicone sex dolls allow you to change eye shape and color, hair type, lip size and color, and many other features. These are often made by hand to fit each client’s needs.

Silicone vs. Rubber vs. TPE

Let’s talk about these popular materials so that you know why silicone dolls are considered the best sex dolls by many buyers. Before talking about TPE vs silicone, there is something that we should clarify about silicone vs rubber.

When you search for rubber sex dolls online, you’ll often find a number of websites claiming to have dolls made of this material.

That isn’t true because rubber wouldn’t make a good doll for various reasons.

The truth is that almost all silicone dolls are actually made from silicone rubberThe difference between silicone and silicone rubber is that the latter has reinforced fillers that produce a stiff gum.

This has all of the natural benefits of silicone along with extra flexibility and elasticityWith that out of the way, let’s talk about thermoplastic elastomer vs silicone rubber, or TPE vs silicone for short.

TPE Pros and Cons

When it comes to TPE vs silicone rubber, TPE is considered more realistic by some consumers because it is softer and a little less tacky than silicone. It’s also more elastic, which allows you to more easily pose and move the doll.

If your main focus is price, then you might be asking how much are sex dolls? TPE tends to be much less expensive than silicone and it’s hypoallergenic.

On the other hand of this debate on TPE vs silicone rubber, TPE is porous, which means that bacteria might lodge into the material, and it’s more likely to stain.

TPE cannot be sterilized, and it also melts much easier than silicone. This means no hot baths with TPE dolls.

Silicone Pros and Cons

Silicone is slightly more detailed than TPE and it’s non-porous surface is much cleaner. The material is resistant to heat, is hypoallergenic and requires less maintenance than TPE.

On the other hand, silicone is a little stickier to the touch, the material is denser and the dolls are more expensive. We will answer the question of how much are sex dolls soon, but silicone is definitely the more expensive of the two.

Which is Best?

Which material creates the best sex doll? In the arena of thermoplastic elastomer vs silicone rubber, both are great.

Note: Silicone is often considered the best sex doll material in general, but TPE is less expensive and equally realistic. Silicone wins in terms of heat, maintenance, cleanliness, and detail. If price is your thing and you just want to know how much does a sex doll cost, then TPE might be better for you.

Benefits of Silicone Sex Dolls

You’ve probably already seen how realistic silicone sex dolls can look, so we are going to skip over that benefit. There are so many other benefits that we want to get directly to the meat of the topic.

Let’s start with internal realism, or how the mouth, anus, and vagina feel. They are almost so realistic that you’d have a hard time telling them apart from a real woman.

With good molds, manufacturers can produce silicone sex dolls that look and feel natural, which is a huge benefit for those who don’t want their intimate encounters to feel weird or inhuman.

There is only one thing that feels different when comparing a real woman and silicone sex dolls, and that’s temperature. Silicone sex dolls usually don’t have internal heating components, but don’t worry, you can fix that.

A nice, warm bath or an electric heating blanket will warm silicone sex dolls up to a natural temperature, which feels amazing.

Unlike TPE dolls, which might melt if you try warming them up too much, silicone is resistant to heat and most silicone rubbers have been vulcanized, which further improves their heat resistance.

It’s virtually impossible to melt them, so feel free to warm them up for some good fun.

Another benefit, which isn’t quite as sexy as the others, is that silicone sex dolls are hypoallergenic and non-porous. While there are other hypoallergenic materials, most sex dolls are porous.

This is an issue because bacteria can lodge into the pores and then you can have a major problem with infections in your most private areas.

Having non-porous silicone sex dolls makes them much easier to clean and drastically reduces the chances of bacteria and other nasty microorganisms sticking to your doll. They are also resistant to stains.

Is Silicone Safe for Sex?

Is silicone safe with sex dolls?

Without trying to oversell the benefits of silicone and staying away from hyperbole, the truth is that silicone sex dolls might be safer than having sex with people.

The first thing to consider is that silicone sex dolls are virgins, they are new and untouched and haven’t been sexually in contact with anyone until you use them.

The Safeness of Silicone Dolls:

  • There is no possibility of STDs unless you decide to share the doll with someone else.
  • Silicone is free of phthalates, which are carcinogenic and irritating to the skin, and it’s naturally hypoallergenic.

As long as you are buying from a reputable manufacturer of silicone sex dolls, you should be getting medical-grade silicone. This is commonly used for implants during surgery and has an incredibly low chance of rejecting.

How Does it Feel?

Now that we have safety out of the way, how does it feel to have sex with silicone sex dolls? It’s almost as realistic as they look.

If you properly warm silicone sex dolls and use enough lubricant, then it feels just like the real thing.

How does it feel?

  • Many men have noted that anal and vaginal sex with silicone sex dolls is almost identical to being with a real woman, plus some manufacturers can make the vaginal and anal inserts even more pleasurable if you’d like
  • Oral sex is usually considered the weak point of sex dolls because it falls a little short of realistic, but not by much

It feels great and almost mimics real oral sex, but there is a lack of suction that you would get from a real partner. That being said, it’s so close to real that you’ll still love it.

How to Clean Silicone Sex Dolls

Cleaning silicone sex dolls is very important because you want to avoid infections, plus you want your sex doll to last as long as possible.

That being said, you often don’t want to clean it after every use as that may cause some small tears that will reduce the longevity of your doll.

You’ll want to clean it every two to four weeks and each part much be cleaned differently.

Here’s a list of materials that you’ll need:

  • Water
  • Talcum powder
  • Antibacterial soap
  • One light sponge and another cut into small pieces
  • Medical pincers
  • Strong paper towel
  • Non-abrasive drying cloth


You can choose to place the doll in the shower and submerge her in a tub for the best cleaning. Just be sure to avoid getting too much water near the neck, as that might rust the joint in that area.

This is much like cleaning yourself.

  • Use a light sponge with soap to rub down the body, drying with a non-abrasive cloth and then powder the body once dry
  • To dry the body, pat it with the cloth. Make sure to remove all moisture, as lingering water can cause tears in silicone sex dolls.

Vagina, Anus, and Mouth

While this can also be done when the doll is submerged, there’s an easier and more effective way. You’ll be using several of the smaller sponge pieces along with the pincers, soap and paper towel.

  • Coat one of the sponge pieces in water and soap, grab it with the medical pincers and then push it into the orifice. Make sure to push along the walls of the orifice to properly clean it
  • Once finished, rinse the area with warm water
  • Get a dry sponge piece and insert it into the orifice. This is to remove moisture
  • Grab the paper towel with the pincers and then place that in the orifice to remove the last of the water
  • From here, you should use some powder around the exterior of the orifices.

Head and Face

Most silicone sex dolls allow the head to be removed.

  • Take the head off, remove the wig and use a warm sponge and soap to gently clean the face. Be careful of the eyelashes as you don’t want them to get wet
  • Once finished, use water to remove the soap and then a non-abrasive cloth to remove the water. Never submerge the head on silicone sex dolls as this can lead to rust and other issues.


This is just like cleaning your own hair.

  • Use some mild shampoo and conditioner to clean the hair and then allow it to dry. A wig stand can help with the drying process.
  • Once the wig is dry, use a comb to go through the hair and remove any knots.

How Much is a Silicone Sex Doll?

How much is a sex doll? This depends on several factors, but the most important are realism and customization. As stated in the section about silicone vs TPE, these sex dolls are highly detailed, but you pay for what you get.

Silicone sex dolls are currently the most expensive out of all the other types of sex dolls. While that’s true, it’s time to get realistic about their price so that you know how much to spend.

So how much is a sex doll?

Guesstimate: Entry-level sex dolls, or those with a fair amount of realism and customization, tend to start around $1,000 to $3,000.

These silicone sex dolls are good, but often lack the detail and customization of higher-end products.  Often when people want to know how much is a silicone sex doll, they are thinking of high-tier silicone sex dolls. These are often priced around $4,000 to $10,000.

The silicone used in these dolls tends to be better than with the entry-level ones. Almost every aspect of these sex dolls can be customized to fit your exact needs. This includes hair, eyes, face, body composition and much more.

While this is pricey, remember that you are getting a premium product that will last many years and that you’ll have a lot of fun with.

Alaina: Athletic Black Sex Doll

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