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Sexual fetishes vary in their objects of desire and intensity. Out of all of them, however, a pregnancy fetish tends to be among the most curious simply because some people cannot understand how a pregnant woman can be the object of an intense sexual desire.

In fact, a man who has a pregnancy kink may be surprised to learn that he is not alone in his attraction to having sex with pregnant women.

Further, if he cannot act out his pregnant fantasy in real life, he may be satisfied by substituting an expectant woman with a pregnant sex doll.

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What is a Pregnancy Fetish?

It focuses on:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Women who have recently given birth and are lactating
  • The act of impregnating a woman or childbirth itself

Men who have a pregnant fantasy in many cases developed this intense sexual attraction to pregnant or lactating women in childhood.

This sexual imprinting probably occurred sometime before the men were six years old. Further, they may have realized by the time they were 18 that they had a pregnant woman fetish.

Study: Psychologists theorize that men with a pregnant woman fetish also probably developed their fetishes directly from experiencing the birth of a younger sibling.

In most cases, men with this intense sexual attraction to pregnant women had a younger sibling born within five years of him.

They developed this fetish during what psychologists coin their Oedipal stage, which ranges from the time they were one to five or six years old.

Regardless, searches for “pregnancy” and “pregnant women sex” continue to rise in popularity among adult entertainment and sexual fetish websites.

These terms are second only to terms like “babysitter” and “redhead,” which shows pregnancy fetishes are becoming more popular if not also more acceptable among websites dedicated to adult fetishes.

It also is carrying over to websites dedicated to satisfying men’s fetishes. Searches and purchases for pregnant sex dolls also continue to rise.

Men who are not able to have sex in real life with pregnant women may be just as satisfied if not more so to have sex with a pregnant sex doll.

What Kind of Men Love Pregnant Women?

Psychologists have devoted a significant amount of time researching men who fantasize about pregnant women sex. They know that most men develop this sexual attraction to pregnant women by the time they are 18 years old.

However, they wondered if men were imprinted by their mothers or by pregnant women in general.

Study: Men who were exposed to the pregnancies of their mothers were more likely to have pregnancy or lactation fetishes than men who had no younger siblings. More specifically, this exposure had to have occurred prior to the age of six.

It also had to involve the pregnancies of their biological mothers rather than others like aunts or stepmothers. The pregnancies of other women like stepmothers had no psychological effect on the development of pregnancy fetishes later in men’s lives.

Further, evidence suggests that men who are sexually attracted to pregnant women often like their appearance, namely

  • The glow of pregnant women’s skin
  • Their thicker hair
  • Their long nails

Pregnant women experience an increased production of hormones that make them more visually appealing to men.

This appeal could be linked to sexual imprinting and a man’s desire to reproduce with women who appear to be fertile.

This appeal factor is incorporated into the design and construction of pregnant sex dolls that are available on the market today.

Men with this pregnancy and lactation fetishes can find purchase a pregnant sex doll that has the beauty and physical assets to which they are drawn.

Conclusion: A pregnant sex doll can take the place of a pregnant woman and offer a similar if not better sexual experience that can make the fantasies of the doll’s owner come to life.

Is a Pregnant Sex Doll a Good Fit for You?

Despite having fetishes for pregnant or lactating women, men may have a difficult time actually finding a pregnant woman with whom to have sex.

If he is not the husband, boyfriend, or romantic partner of an expectant woman, he may not be able to convince a pregnant woman to have sex with him whenever he likes.

He might be frustrated in his desire for an outlet to his fantasy and wonder what other options he has other than pursuing pregnant women to whom he is not attached.

If you find yourself in this position, your solution could be to invest in a pregnant sex doll for yourself.

A pregnant sex doll is available whenever you feel the need for sexual release. It also can offer you a realistic experience that you might fantasize about enjoying with a real-life pregnant partner.

The Benefits of a Pregnant Sex Doll

Even if you are the husband, boyfriend, or romantic partner of a pregnant woman, you still might find it difficult to have sex with her.

There are several reasons, why Pregnant Women often avoid sex:

  • During certain parts of a pregnancy, the woman may experience symptoms that impair her sexual desire or capabilities.
  • She may be nauseated because of morning sickness
  • During the last few weeks of pregnancy, she may be uncomfortable and physically limited because of the baby’s positioning in her womb.

Rather than trying to convince her to have sex with you when she does not feel up to it, you could instead satisfy yourself with a pregnant sex doll.

A pregnant sex doll has…

  • All of the physical attributes to which you are attracted
  • A full, round stomach
  • Large breasts
  • Curvaceous hips
  • Soft, supple skin that seems to have the signature pregnancy glow to it.
  • Full head of thick hair
  • Long nails that many women get when they are pregnant.

Because the pregnant sex doll is made from thermoplastic elastomer, TPE, or silicone, the doll has soft, natural feeling skin. The metal skeleton of the pregnant sex doll allows it to be poised and moved in whatever position you prefer.

When having sex with your pregnant sex doll, you may be surprised to find how realistic it feels. The body parts of a pregnant sex doll are modeled after those of a real pregnant woman.

They also have the following dimensions found on the body parts of pregnant women:

  • The same ridges
  • Same patterns
  • Same ripples
  • Similar other characteristics

If you were blindfolded, you may not be able to differentiate between a pregnant sex doll and an actual human woman.

The realistic feel and look of the pregnant sex doll can offer an experience that is the next best thing to being with an actual pregnant woman.

You can bring all of your sexual fantasies to life and play out the desires of your pregnancy and lactation fetishes.

A pregnant sex doll can be the ideal substitute for you if you do not have a willing and available pregnant woman or you want to avoid the hassle of convincing a pregnant woman to have sex with you.

The Best Sex Positions with Your Pregnant Sex Doll

A pregnant sex doll has the same physical characteristics of a real pregnant woman. With that, you might wonder what sex positions during pregnancy to use with your pregnant sex doll.

In fact, you can use a variety of sex positions during pregnancy with your pregnant sex doll that should leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

  • One of the most popular positions to use is spooning. Spooning allows you to approach your pregnant sex doll from the rear while accommodating its pregnant belly. You also can control the speed and rhythm with spooning that otherwise might not be possible with other pregnant sex doll positions.

  • Another position to try with your pregnant sex doll is doggy style.This position, like spooning, allows for a rear approach. However, you also can pose your pregnant sex doll in a more accommodating position that might be easier for you to maintain and control. You do not have to exert as much physical effort with your pregnant sex doll with this position as you might with others like spooning.

  • Finally, if you want to experience the sensation of being dominated by your pregnant sex doll, you could try the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Both of these positions call for your pregnant sex doll to be on top of you. You control the speed and motions. However, you can also fantasize about the doll controlling you with either of these positions.

Having a sexual attraction to pregnant women is normal and expected under the right set of circumstances.

When you do not have access to a pregnant woman with whom to have sex, you might want to recreate an experience that will leave you satisfied and wanting more.

Your solution could be to invest in a high-quality pregnant sex doll that looks and feels like the real thing.

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