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Sex dolls come in an assortment of sizes and styles today. While some guys go for a life-size sex doll, you actually might prefer something smaller.

In this instance, a mini sex doll could be the ideal choice for you. Discover why a miniature sex doll can suit your purposes and give you the satisfaction that you might not enjoy with a bigger life-size sex doll.

Jaden: Mini Sex Doll

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Gina: Mini Sex Doll

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What are Mini Sex Dolls?

Mini sex dolls are sex dolls that feature miniature or smaller proportions than life-size sells dolls.

A miniature sex doll typically:

  • Is not taller than two and a half or three feet
  • It also weighs less than 30 pounds

Despite the smaller proportions of a small sex doll, it has physical dimensions that are relative to its compact size.

For instance, the bust size on a small sex doll is usually 3 to 14 inches in diameter. Likewise, the hips on small sex dolls measure no more than 14 inches wide.

Likewise, a common measurement used on mini sex dolls for the waist is 9 to 10 inches. The vaginal depth on small sex dolls is typically no more than 5 or 6 inches.

The typical mini sex doll is made out of a material called thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE. It may also be made out of silicone. Both TPE and silicone are durable, lightweight, and pliable. 

They give the mini sex doll a realistic, soft feel that is not unlike the feel and texture of human skin.

The skin on a mini sex doll can even be patterned like that of a real person with the lines, crevices, and patterns found on body parts like the breasts, hips, and feet.

So why would you want to choose one of the miniature sex dolls for sale rather than one that is bigger and more life-size?

The primary advantage of a mini sex doll stems from its compact and lightweight design. These miniature sex dolls are easy to store and carry. They also are easier to maintain than a larger sex doll.

While the typical mini sex doll comes with a realistic vagina, it may not come with an anus or a mouth that can be used for sexual purposes. This, of course, depends on the mini sex doll maker.

Nonetheless, the vagina of a mini sex doll is modeled after a real human vagina, giving you the experience and feel that is almost like the real thing.

The Advantages and Benefits of a Mini Sex Doll and Sex Doll Torso

When it comes to the appeal factors of a mini sex doll or sex doll torso, the primary consideration to keep in mind is the doll’s petite dimensions and portable size.

There are several benefits if you buy a mini sex doll instead of a life-size sex doll

  • A life-size sex doll can weigh as much as 100 pounds depending on its construction while a mini sex doll weighs less than 30 pounds
  • It also can measure as tall as five and a half feet, making it more of a challenge to store when you are not using it.
  • In contrast, a petite sex doll or sex doll torso is more efficient and practical when portability and storage are primary concerns of yours.
  • You get the pragmatic use that you want with a mini sex doll without having to worry about how and where you will store it afterwards.
  • Because less material will be needed for the doll, it will be much cheaper than a life-size doll

Why a Mini Sex Doll?

A mini sex doll can be stored really easy

The small dimensions of a petite sex doll allow for more sexual possibilities than a life-size sex doll. For example, if you want to try out more sex positions but are concerned with the weight and size of a larger sex doll, a mini sex doll or sex torso may suit your purposes better.

You have more leeway to try out and enjoy sex positions that otherwise might be difficult with a heavier and larger doll. In turn, you get a more enjoyable experience with your mini sex doll.

Additionally, a sex torso or mini sex doll is easier to take with you on trips. For example, if you do not want to be without your mini sex doll when you are away from home, you can discreetly pack it away in a travel case or suitcase to take with you.

No one will know you have it with you in your hotel room. You will have it accessible to you whenever you want or need to use your mini sex doll during the trip.

Another reason why a mini sex doll might appeal to you involves the lower cost. Because it does not take as much material to make, a mini sex doll has a lower cost. The lower cost of a mini sex doll means you can buy more to add to your collection.

Finally, a mini sex doll can be used to practice on before you upgrade to a more expensive life-size model. You can get the hang of using a mini sex doll and perfect your technique. Once you feel confident using a mini sex doll, you may be ready to upgrade to and invest in a larger life-size sex doll.

Why Many Men Prefer Petite Women

It is not an understatement to conclude that many men prefer to date and marry petite women. The question of do guys like short girls is a definitive yes when you consider the reasons behind this preference. 

Main reasons why men like petite women:

  • There is a control factor for men
  • Men feel in charge and dominant
  • Men feel like he is her guardian of sorts
  • Petite Women are often more limber and flexible than larger women

This means they are capable of trying out and enjoying more sex positions including those that take a great level of agility to pull off successfully.

For guys who are adventurous, the smaller dimensions of their girlfriends or wives may be a huge turn-on for them. They know they can get a better and more satisfying experience in bed.

With that being said, it also stands to reason that guys who are drawn to petite girls would also prefer a mini sex doll rather than one that is full size.

They may enjoy the lightweight and portability of their mini sex doll. They can get the same satisfaction out of feeling in control and dominant in bed.

They also may enjoy the feel of being able to embrace and hug their mini sex doll tightly, something that is not necessarily possible with larger sex dolls.

A mini sex doll can make a guy feel more manly and dominant in a way not possible with larger and heavier sex doll choices.

Sex Positions for Short Girls

Short girls are often more limber and flexible than girls who are heavier and taller. With that, women who are petite are often capable of performing a wider variety of sex positions for short girls in bed.

When you have invested in a mini sex doll for yourself, you might wonder what sex positions for short girls are capable for you to try.

You actually have a wide variety of positions from which to choose. You can experiment with your mini sex doll to find positions that ultimately suit you the best.

Of course, you can use the tried and true missionary position, knowing full well that you will get a satisfying ending with your sex doll.

The missionary position is easy to perform and even gives you an element of feeling like you are in control. However, you might grow bored with it and want to try something else, perhaps something more adventurous.

Another position you can try that has been proven to work with shorter girls is the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl.

These positions can be difficult for larger women to perform because they require a certain amount of agility and endurance.

You also do not want the body weight of your partner or sex doll to crush you. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are easily performed with sex dolls that are lighter and more compact, however.

A few of the other positions you might try are:

  • Missionary

  • Reverse Cowgirl

  • Spooning

  • Over the edge of the bed

  • Standing

  • Doggy style

You should not have to exert a lot of effort to use these positions with your mini sex doll. You also can get a satisfying ending with any of them.

Miniature sex dolls are just as popular and pragmatic to use as full-size sex dolls.

When you want a more convenient and discreet sex doll option, you may find a mini sex doll to be more to your liking. You also can enjoy a fuller variety of sex positions to try with it.

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