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Jasmine Sex Doll Review

This review of the Jasmine sex doll, also known as the Jasmine RealDoll and called Dominique by some websites, will highlight one of the most popular and thickest big ass sex dolls on the Internet.

If you’re looking for a thick sex doll, then the Jasmine sex doll is right up your alley. Be sure to read through to see if this doll is truly made to match all your needs.

Jasmine: BBW Doll

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Our Rating

4.8 out of 5
Jasmine: Sex Doll Hoodie

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4.5 out of 5

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No Sex Dolls Works for Everybody

Unlike other sex toys that are either good or bad based on their features, like size, shape, power and so on, sex dolls are a little more complicated than that.

We can easily tell you the size, shape, and details of a sex doll and those features are important when looking for the right one, but that won’t be the most important detail. 

Many buyers form an emotional bond with their doll. While the size and shape might work for your preferences, some other factor might turn you off.

Everyone has different tastes, and thankfully there are numerous dolls on the market for this reason.

From BBW sex dolls to Asian or fetish dolls, you should scour the market until you find one that you love. Many men love the Jasmine sex doll, but you may not like her original features. 

You’ll find that many manufacturers offer customizations with the Jasmine sex doll and other dolls in general.

You’ll find that you can usually change the wig color, eye color and so on, so feel free to customize your specific doll until it’s perfect.


How We Pick and Test

We use strict criteria when reviewing the Jasmine sex doll or any other type of doll. No matter if you want a BBW sex doll, H cup sex doll or anything else, we only review the best to ensure quality. 

We first consider price, material, and size. All sex dolls are expensive, but we don’t want you to spend more than necessary.

We’ll usually only feature TPE or silicone dolls due to their quality. While some people might like smaller dolls, most of our reviews will feature life-size dolls (except mini sex dolls)

We also consider the reputation of the manufacturer. WM Doll, the creator of the Jasmine sex doll, is known as a reputable brand that makes durable, highly detailed dolls for a variety of tastes.

There are a lot of scams and bad manufacturers out there and we don’t want you to buy a bad product. Along with this, we only choose manufacturers with good customer service

These reviews will be as objective as possible. For example, our opinion is that the Jasmine sex doll is great, but we will also list any disadvantages that we find so that you understand exactly what you’re buying.

We will also work with independent testers who submit their reviews. 

The last criterion is that we only review dolls that are durable. If the dolls aren’t, then we will be sure to tell you immediately.

Jasmine Sex Doll – At a Glance

This section will give you a snapshot of the Jasmine sex doll before we get into more details.

The Jasmine sex doll is a big ass sex doll with large proportions both on the top and bottom. She’s also an H cup sex doll to round her out and give her a beautiful hourglass figure

One of the reasons for Jasmine RealDoll’s popularity is that she was featured on a YouTube video that went viral and has captured the attention of many men.

For the thick sex doll lover, you’ll find that sex doll Jasmine is one of the best on the market.

Jasmine Sex Doll: The Good

This section will focus on the advantages of the Jasmine sex doll. The first benefit of the Jasmine sex doll is her price. She’s relatively inexpensive because she’s made from TPE.

TPE is more affordable than silicone but is almost the same level of quality, meaning that the Jasmine sex doll has a lot to offer for a smaller price tag.

For those looking for a doll with large but realistic breasts and ass, the Jasmine sex doll doesn’t disappoint. The whole body has enough weight to give everything a realistic feel and resistance. 

Along with this, many reviewers have noted that the Jasmine sex doll has enough weight to make it feel like you’re having sex with a real person.

Unlike some dolls that are very light, this one has enough resistance to make it feel real. Even without hands, she’ll react almost like a real person. 

Except for the massive proportions, the Jasmine sex doll is realistically detailed. From little lines and puckers here and there to some faint muscle lines, it’s easy to confuse the Jasmine sex doll with a real woman.

This includes her holes. They are anatomically correct and give easy access with a pleasant, realistic feel that you’re sure to appreciate.

Jasmine Sex Doll: The Bad

There are a few disadvantages associated with the Jasmine sex doll.

Perhaps the most notable is her weight. She is very heavy, and some men even had a hard time getting the box into their home without a dolly.

This can also make it difficult to change her pose. Be prepared to use a little muscle when moving her around or changing her position. 

Another disadvantage that might bother some men is her arms. The seams are a little more obvious than they should be. Most men don’t seem bothered by this, but some are more sensitive to this than others.

If you still want the Jasmine sex doll but don’t want to see the seams, consider keeping a shirt on her. Her iconic sex doll hoodie is the perfect accessory for this.

The Bottom Line

The Jasmine sex doll fares very well with many men. Not only is she large in all the right places, but her holes are very pleasurable, and she’s a highly durable doll that will be around for a long time. 

At the same time, you’ll need to use some muscle to move her around. Some men may dislike the apparent arm seams, but that’s often easy to cover up.

While there are some drawbacks, this is currently one of the most popular sex dolls available and it’s easy to see why.

Key Features and Measurements

  • Manufacturer: WM Doll
  • Skeleton: Steel with movable joints
  • Material: TPE
  • Cup Size: H-cup
  • Height/Weight: 163cm/5’4″, 106.9lbs/48.5kg
  • Proportions: 37.8 inches bust, 26.4 inches waist and 43.3 inches hips
  • Hole Depth: Vaginal depth is 7.1 inches, anal depth is 6.3 inches and oral depth is 4.7 inches

Jasmine is a Superstar

It’s rare for one sex doll to be noticed more than any other. It’s even harder for a particular sex doll to capture the attention of popular media, but that’s exactly what the Jasmine sex doll did.

While the sustained attention has been on her curves, the major reason is that online comedian Ryan Davis featured sex doll Jasmine in one of his YouTube videos. This video currently has over 700k views, so it’s received a good bit of attention.

You can view the video here and see why the Internet has become so obsessed with this doll:

H-Cup Size and Thick

This is a doll for those who love big women.

  • Her H-cup breasts are massive
  • Her booty basically has its own gravity
  • Her relatively thin waist really gives her an undeniably beautiful hourglass body.

Most sex dolls are customizable. WM Dolls 163cm H cup dolls have the exact same body as Jasmine, but you can change the skin tone, face, hair color and so on.

If you like Jasmine’s body but her other features don’t really work for you, then consider one of the many other WM Dolls 163cm H cup dolls. They are made for those who love thick women.

Great for Various Sex Positions

She might be bigger, but the Jasmine sex doll is great for many different sex positions.

First and perhaps most obvious is doggy style. Be honest, this is the first position you thought of, and no one can blame you with Jasmine’s massive assets. Just bend her over and enter from the back. It feels great and gives you an amazing view.

Missionary might be vanilla according to some people’s standards, but it allows you to take full view of Jasmine’s massive breasts. Butterfly is a similar position, but the difference is that her legs are pointed straight up and around your neck and you’re standing in front of her.

The last one is deep impact. Put her legs on your shoulders and get in front of her while on your knees. This allows you to enter her deeply while seeing her body wobble and shake from the impact. These are just a few of the positions. Jasmine is amazing for many more, so don’t be afraid to get imaginative.

Easy Clean-Up

Here are some simple tips for cleaning Jasmine or any other TPE sex doll. You should do this about once a month.

  • You can either shower or submerge Jasmine in a bath
  • but only do so in lukewarm or cool water
  • Remove the head
  • Avoid getting water near the neck
  • Lightly sponge down the body with some soft soap
  • Use a cloth and pat down the body to dry
  • Do not rub as that may damage her skin
  • Apply a fine layer of baby powder once dry
  • Get some pincers and a sponge
  • Cut off a small portion of the sponge, coat in water and soap and then use the pincers to clean the oral, anal and vaginal holes
  • Once finished, use a dry sponge piece to remove the moisture

Cleaning the face is easiest if you remove the head and wig.

  • Use a sponge soaked in water and soap and then pat the face clean.
  • Use water to remove the soap and then softly use a cloth to dry the skin
  • Apply baby powder once finished
  • The last part is her hair
  • Use a mild shampoo and conditioner and work them into the wig
  • Rinse the hair and then allow it to dry on a wig stand.
  • Be sure to comb the hair to keep it in the best condition

For more information about overall care and care products, click here.

Jasmine’s Sexy Hoodie

Jasmine is usually featured with her iconic hoodie. While she doesn’t come with the hoodie automatically, you can buy it to complete the image. The sex doll hoodie can be found here.

Buy Jasmine Now and Pay Over Time

The Jasmine sex doll might be inexpensive compared to some silicone dolls, but her price tag is far from cheap.

If you want her now and can’t wait to save up all that money, then you’ll be happy to know that some shops allow you to make low monthly payments.

This makes it easy for everyone to gain access to the Jasmine sex doll or any other doll without saving up a small fortune.


Jasmine is currently one of the hottest dolls in terms of looks and popularity. Her reputation is well-deserved as she looks great, functions very well and many men love her company.

While she is quite heavy and a little difficult to move around, her pros definitely outweigh her cons.

For those who love thick women, Jasmine is a doll you need in your collection.

Jasmine: BBW Doll

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Our Rating

4.8 out of 5
Jasmine: Sex Doll Hoodie

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Our Rating

4.5 out of 5
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