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The Asian culture has long captured the imaginations of people in the West. Men in particular sometimes develop deep fascinations with Asian women because of how beautiful, exotic, and mysterious these women appear to be.

Men who develop an Asian fetish often want to play out their deepest fantasies with Asian or Japanese sex dolls. An Asian sex doll can offer the next best thing to being with an Asian woman in real life and give you a satisfying experience over which you have total control.

Isabella: Blonde Japanese Sex Doll

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Esther: Maid Sex Doll

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Celeste: Flat Chested Japanese Sex Doll

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Japanese Sex Doll D-Cup

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What is an Asian Fetish?

An Asian fetish can be defined as a deep fascination with or curiosity for all things Asian. The objects of the fetish can range from Asian food and movies to tattoos with Chinese characters. It can even go so far as adopting Asian children.

However, the most common definition of an Asian fetish involves a sexual objectification of Asians particularly Asian women. People with this fetish are inevitably drawn to Asian women for the real or imagined characteristics they believe Asians to have.

Typical Japanese characteristics are:

  • Submissive
  • Quiet to petite
  • Sexy
  • Cute

A concerning factor involving this fetish centers on the objectification of women rather than treating them as equal partners in a relationship. Men in particular who have this fetish do not see Asian or Japanese women as equals but rather as possessions that are there to serve no other purpose but to please and be subservient to them.

Yellow Fever – The Exotification of Asian Women

The phenomenon of being primarily drawn to and fascinated with women from Asia is known as yellow fever. It is prevalent in white men from the West especially the U.S.

In fact, recent statistics have revealed that 17% of Asians in the West are married to white spouses. Out of those marriages, 75% are between white American men and Asian women.

This fetish has been shown to have marked psychological effects on women of Asian descent. They cannot help but wonder if the men who are dating or married to them love them as individuals or as mere fetish objects.

They feel angry that men are drawn to their ethnicity and race more so than their personal characteristics and personalities.

For some men, however, they are satisfied to play out their fetishes with Japanese sex dolls. The Japanese sex dolls can be the object of these men’s desires without posing any risk to another person’s psyche or emotions.

The exotification of women of Asian descent is sometimes referred to as Yellow Fever or Asian fever. Asian fever is defined as in intense attraction to women of Asian ethnicity.

In many cases, it stems from a deep fascination with Asian culture. However, it also involves what some have called disturbing levels of racism, misogyny, fetishism, and a devaluation of Asian females.

Men with Asian fever many times are drawn to women from Asia because they believe these women to fit certain stereotypes that are perpetuated in the West.

Men with Asian fever think that women from Asia are:

  • Submissive and timid sex kittens
  • Obedient
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Less likely to challenge their husbands or boyfriends.

These yellow fever stereotypes, in reality, make many Asian ladies angry and frustrated. They argue that Western men fail to appreciate or recognize them for the individuals they are.

They all have different personalities and do not fit within well-defined and commonly believed stereotypes that men have about women from Asia.

Some psychologists agree that Asian fever can also have dangerous consequences for men who persist in their beliefs about women of Asian descent.

Men who cannot differentiate between stereotypes and reality have a greater chance of falling into creepy and perverse behaviors toward these women.

Some men also may become psychopathic about pursuing and objectifying women from Asia.

Benefits of a Japanese Sex Doll

Men who have yellow fever tendencies may be satisfied with acting out their fetishes with Japanese sex dolls.

Benefits of a Japanese Sex Doll:

  • They look and feel like the real thing
  • They also are a safe outlet for men who may have intense sexual feelings for Asian females but perhaps do not feel as confident about pursuing women in real life
  • They have total control over their Japanese sex dolls and can act out the experiences they dream of in their Asian fever fantasies

Why Do Men Have Fetishes for Asian and Japanese Sex Dolls?

Why do men have a preference for Asian and Japanese sex dolls? The answer to this question is varied and complex. It also involves common stereotypes that Western men have about Asian and Japanese women.

Designer Styles

To start with, many men have a fetish for Japanese sex dolls because they believe Japanese women in real life are sexier and dress better than their Western counterparts.

They say that it is not uncommon to see Japanese women dressed up in designer clothing wearing perfect makeup and accessories. Their refined appearances appeal to men who are drawn to stylish and well made-up women.

To play upon this preference, Japan sex doll makers many times design their dolls to be stylish, beautiful, and refined in appearance.

A Japanese real doll may wear designer outfits or upscale lingerie, which appeals to men who find this style to be irresistible and sexy.

Sex Appeal and Submissiveness

Further, Western men often believe Japanese sex dolls to emulate the perfect level of kittenish submissiveness in the bedroom.

A Japanese real doll often has a quiet and alluring look on her face while at the same time being dressed in sex kitten lingerie or kinky outfits.

This Asian sex doll look plays up to the desires of men who believe Japanese women to be quiet and submissive when in public but ready to fulfill their mate’s every sexual desire behind bedroom doors.

Traditional Values

Finally, men are many times drawn to Japanese sex dolls because they believe Asian and Japanese women to embrace traditional values in real life.

While the Japanese sex dolls themselves may look sexy and alluring, the men who are drawn to them may fantasize about them being devoted and committed wives as well as obedient, attentive mothers who are more than happy to cook and clean for their families.

This stereotype persists with men who are fascinated with women of Asian descent.

Despite the stereotype being primarily false, men still like to think of Asian wives as being the perfect, submissive, and traditional-valued counterparts in a relationship.

They can play out this fantasy when they buy and utilize a Japan sex doll for themselves.

Japanese Sex Dolls

The Asian sex dolls available today come in an assortment of designs. You can find Japanese sex dolls with different body types and heights.

Many of the Asian sex dolls also come with their own backstory that are designed to make them more appealing to men who are interested in buying Japanese sex dolls for themselves.

Japanese sex dolls can fulfill the fantasies of men who have Asian fetishes or yellow fever. The dolls for sale play on all of the favorite stereotypes that Western men have about women from Asia.

They also give men the opportunity to control their sexual fantasies and bring their fetishes and erotic daydreams to life, something that may not be entirely possible if they were to date Japanese women in real life.

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