Fantasy Sex Dolls

Furry Sex Doll

The adult imagination when it comes to role playing and sexual fantasies has no bounds as evidenced by furry fandom.

People who consider themselves to be furries often are sexually attracted to other furries as well as furry sex dolls.

So what is a furry fetish and how can it be played out with a furry love doll?

You can understand the appeal of furry sex dolls and furry costume sex by first learning about adult furry role playing and how a furry sex doll can be utilized in this type of fetish.

Nene (Dog): Animal Princess Sex Doll

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Kitsuno (Fox): Furry Sex Doll

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Ahri: The Fox Woman

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Furry Fox Tail by Pawstar

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Usahane Air Doll Bunny Costume

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Mr. Fox: Cosplay Furry Mask

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Furry Fandom

So what is furry fandom? It is defined as a subculture that is focused solely on anthropomorphic furry characters that take on human characteristics within their personas or “fursonas.”

For example, furries, which is what furry characters are called:

  • Have facial expressions
  • wear clothing
  • Stand on two legs like humans
  • They also have human intelligence
  • Many times use human languages in addition to making animal noises.

Adult furry fans often meet with other furry fans at conventions or on the Internet in chat rooms and forums.

The history for furry fandom is said to have begun in 1980 at a science fiction convention. Since then, it has evolved into a subculture that can include furry costume sex or sex with furry peers.

For people who perhaps are not as forthcoming about their furry preferences can still indulge their fantasies with a furry sex doll. A furry sex doll can be the next best thing to two or more furries having sex.

It is also safer in many ways than having sex with furry fans particularly if someone wants to safeguard his or her identity or wants to avoid contracting STDs, for example.

Who are Furries?

People who role play as furries come from all walks of life. You do not have to necessarily want to have sex with a furry or even be attracted to a furry love doll to be a part of this subculture.

You simply need to have an imagination that lets you take on a “fursona” and act out this fantasy to the fullest especially in the presence of your furry counterparts.

This subculture sometimes mistakenly gets associated almost exclusively with gays or bisexuals.

In fact, a study showed:

  • 37% to 52% of people in the furry community identify as bisexual
  • 14% to 25% percent of people identify as gay
  • 28% to 51% percent of furry fans identify as heterosexual.
Info: Around 80% of people in this subculture are male. Close to 250,000 of them come directly from the IT or technology industry.

Other furry statistics show:

  • 44% of them are agnostic or atheist
  • 23% are Christian
  • 3% are pagan
  • 1% of furry fans are Wiccan
  • 13% of them identify as “other” in terms of religious affiliation.

Statistics also showed that many in this subculture carry their furry fetish to the extreme in terms of how they identify as biological creatures:

  • Approximately 38% to 53% of them say they have no desire to be human
  • 33% report not feeling 100 percent human
  • Another 97% to 98% of them have created “fursonas” for themselves
  • Interestingly, 22% say they do not want and do not have any connection to bronies, who are fans of the My Little Pony series.

The average age range for a furry is 23 to 26 years old. 90% of them are white.

3 Things You Wanted to Know about a Furry

  • Someone who role plays or identifies as a furry does not necessarily want to have sex with a furry or even own a furry sex doll. However, a significant number of them do want to engage in this type of sexual activity, which is called yipping, aptly named after the noise a fox makes while mating. Yipping can involve two or more furries having sex or having sex with a furry sex doll.
  • Another interesting fact about this subculture is that many members of it are artisans or musicians. Many of them make their own crafts, called plushies. They also write for and publish fanzines, or publications devoted to furry fans. Some furry subculture members are musicians who blend their musical interests with their furry pastime. They write and record songs devoted to all things furry.
  • Finally, being a furry gives you the opportunity to go to conventions, join Internet forums and chat groups, and take part in other furry events to make connections with people who share your interests. Being a furry is a chance to indulge this part of your imagination, whether it be with another furry or with a furry sex doll.

Furry sex doll use or acting out as a furry is harmless and poses no risk to your real-life relationships with others. A fun furry sex doll can also provide a respite from the stresses of everyday life.

What is a Furry Sex Doll?

As a furry, you might be open to the idea of owning and utilizing a furry sex doll for fantasy or erotic daydreaming fulfillment. A furry sex doll is a unique type of sex toy. It is its own subset of sex dolls in the adult sex toy industry.

There are dozens of different furry sex doll types for sale on the market today. A bestseller furry sex doll is Kemono Hime, which is a furry sex doll that is female and has large breasts. This furry sex doll also has a large plush tail and an Onahole pouch between its legs. It is made in and shipped directly from Japan.

The Kitsuno furry sex doll is another favorite furry sex doll that is for sale today. This furry sex doll looks like a brown fox. It has wide hips and a long fluffy tail. The furry sex doll also has big paws, a soft fur coat, and a clever look on its face. This furry sex doll has a cavity designed for an Onahole.

Finally, the Anya furry sex doll is a bestseller with furry fans. It is designed to look like a gray lion. It requires you to use a separate Onahole. This furry sex doll has long red hair and is dressed in a short pink and white dress with long white stockings.

The furry sex doll varieties on the market today may surprise you. You can find a furry sex doll that will accommodate your fetish and let you play out your fantasies in the privacy of your own home or with other furry counterparts.

Fetish Heaven with Furry Sex Dolls

As mentioned, the market is full of different furry sex doll varieties. They tend to be bestsellers because they are designed to look somewhat like anime characters. They have wide curious eyes and small petite mouths that make them irresistible to some many furry fans.

When it comes to furry fetish dolls, there are 3 main furry sex doll varieties that tend to outsell others

  • The first one, based on a character named Nene, is a pink dog that resembles a rabbit
  • The second one is a gray cat or cat-dog hybrid.
  • The third fetish furry sex doll is a chestnut brown fox named Kitsuno.

Characteristics of furry sex dolls:

  • All of the furry sex doll models have tails as well as movable legs.
  • They also have Onahole pouches between their legs.
  • They are small enough to fit easily in your hands.
  • However, they are petite enough to allow you to feel dominating and in charge of your furry sex doll.

Furry Sex Doll Hygiene

Taking good care of your furry sex doll requires you to wash it thoroughly after every use. Whether it is made from silicone, TPE, or vinyl, you should use a mild soap and warm water to clean it after you are finished with it. If you fail to wash it, it could get an odor that will make using it again unpleasant.

You also may need to use a brush or your fingers to remove debris that gets in cracks and crevices. You may want to use an Onahole that can be turned inside out so it dries completely. You also should make sure the inside of the toy is dried completely to prevent mold and mildew growth.

If possible, you should use a microfiber towel attached to a pencil or blunt stick to dry out the inside. You should avoid puncturing it while drying out the furry sex doll, however.

Taking good care of your furry sex doll can make all of the difference in its longevity and usefulness. These dolls especially the high-quality ones are designed to last for years. Proper hygiene ensures you get the full use out of it and also that you get a good return on your investment.

Furry fandom is a unique and interesting subculture within the adult entertainment industry. While some furry role players do not have sexual fetishes, others find pleasure in having sex with a furry or furry sex dolls. You can find furry sex doll varieties of all kinds that could satisfy your furry sexual fantasies.

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