Fantasy Sex Dolls

Fantasy Sex Dolls

Sexual fantasies are an integral part of the typical human existence. From erotic daydreaming to collecting fantasy sex dolls, the everyday erotic fantasy should be embraced and welcomed as part of your healthy and entirely normal sexuality.

However, you may wonder what is fantasy really in terms of its impact on your everyday life. Once you recognize that the common kinks that you have are probably not unlike those of anyone else, you also may wonder how to take your erotic fantasy to the next level.

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What Sexual Fantasies Really Mean

For every erotic daydream, there is a hidden fantasy meaning behind it. Sometimes the explanations are quite innocuous and innocent.

Other times, the common kinks mean that the daydreamer is adventurous and perhaps even wants to add fantasy sex dolls to his or her fantasy play.

For instance, one of women’s most wanted fantasy involves being the intense subject of men’s desires.

The fantasy meaning behind her erotic daydreaming may not stem so much from the fact that she wants to have sex with wild abandon but more from what she perceives to be lacking in her own life.

She may feel unattractive to her husband or boyfriend and make up for this lack of intimacy and attraction with one of women’s most wanted fantasy, which involves men pining and competing to have sex with her.

Another common fantasy involves watching people have sex. When you think of what fantasy is in this scenario, it centers not so much on an actual willingness or readiness to participate in voyeurism.

However, in a person’s fantasy, the idea of watching people have sex brings an element of eroticism as well as control to his or her mindset.

People who perhaps feel relatively powerless in life or simply bored may engage in this type of erotic fantasy.

Yet another common erotic daydream involves BDSM, domination, and submission.

The idea of either controlling or being submissive to a sexual partner excites people who perhaps lack that level of imagination and playfulness in their own sex lives.

For people who do not have a willing partner to engage in these activities, they may actually substitute the other partner with a fantasy sex doll.

The sex doll can be dressed up, posed, and utilized in a way that fulfills this element of sexual fantasy in a person’s life.

In fact, fantasy sex dolls can take the place of a willing and available partner in all types of sexual fantasies.

The fantasy sex dolls available now are so realistic and life-like that they can easily take on whatever persona in a fantasy that a person desires.

Fantasy sex dolls also fulfill a sexual need that people may not be able to achieve in real life.

The Normality of Sexual Fantasies

For many people, the idea of indulging sexual fantasies with a willing and available partner or a fantasy sex doll can be abhorrent.

They often feel ashamed about having sexual fantasies in the first place. They wonder if there is something wrong with them for having erotic daydreams or being willing to use fantasy sex dolls to fulfill a sexual need that is lacking in their lives.

In fact, numerous studies continue to show that having erotic daydreams and sexual fantasies is entirely normal and a part of being a healthy and functional sexual being.

The studies further prove that almost everybody has sexual fantasies and desires.

Info: However, most people are simply not willing to talk about their sexual fantasies or disclose that they even own fantasy sex dolls in the privacy of their own homes.

Moreover, scientific studies have shown that sexual daydreams and fantasies serve a cathartic purpose in many people’s lives.

For example, people who were victims of abuse as children may use sexual fantasies to induce a level of control that they otherwise feel they lack in their everyday lives.

In their sexual fantasies, they are in charge of what happens. They know that the other person or people in their daydreams cannot hurt them.

The fantasies turn what could have been traumatic and negative experiences into sexually satisfying daydreams over which they have total control.

When it comes to including fantasy sex dolls, people likewise enjoy a certain level of control they cannot obtain from a human partner.

Fantasy sex dolls are not capable of hurting them. They can act out the most intimate details of their fantasies with fantasy sex dolls and obtain a level of fulfillment not possible from being with human partners.

With that, erotic daydreams and sexual fantasies, whether they are enjoyed privately, acted out with a human partner, or brought to life through the use of fantasy sex dolls, are nothing of which to be ashamed.

Conclusion: Erotic daydreams and sexual fantasies indicate that you are a healthy and normal sexual being. They also can give you an element of control that you may not have in your current sex life.

Common Male Sexual Fantasies

While both men and women can find fulfillment in utilizing fantasy sex dolls, men arguably are the primary purchasers of fantasy sex dolls.
Given that fact, it can be helpful to consider what men’s most common sexual fantasies are and how fantasy sex dolls can help them come to life.

Partner in Charge

The idea of men always wanting to be in charge does not ring true for this particular sexual fantasy.

Instead, men who are partial to the partner in charge fantasy prefer to think about their sexual partner having total control over them.

Their partner gets the final say in how, when, and how often they engage in sexual activities.

While perhaps a bit more challenging to bring to life with fantasy sex dolls, men with vivid imaginations can actually become submissive to an extent to their fantasy sex dolls.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is another common sexual fantasy that men indulge in either in private or with their fantasy sex dolls.

This erotic daydream is a favorite of men who have partners who perhaps are not willing to engage in oral sex.

However, an unwilling partner is not the only reason men indulge in oral sex fantasies. The idea of receiving oral sex either from a human partner or one of their fantasy sex dolls can be the ultimate fantasy for guys.

Role Playing

Role playing can be enjoyed with a willing sex partner or fantasy sex dolls, whichever a guy prefers. In this erotic fantasy, the man, his partner, or his fantasy sex dolls don costumes and accessories to take on erotic personas.

If a guy cannot find a willing partner to engage in role playing, he can bring his fantasies to life with fantasy sex dolls.

These are but a few examples of fantasies and erotic that guys enjoy either in private, with their partners, or with fantasy sex dolls.

The desire to fulfill these fantasies is one of the most common reasons men invest in fantasy sex dolls for themselves.

Fantasy sex dolls, with their realistic anatomical features yet erotic, mysterious, and playful designs, can be satisfying replacements for human sexual partners during fantasy fulfillment.

Some favorite role playing examples including:

  • Naughty Nurse
  • Shy Schoolgirl
  • Dominating Cop

Best Fantasy Sex Dolls

When you are interested in buying fantasy sex dolls for yourself, you may wonder what ones are the best and most satisfying to own. In fact, fantasy sex dolls in a wide variety today. However, some of the best fantasy sex dolls that might interest you include:

Elf sex doll

  • The elf sex doll has elf-like features including pointed ears and wide, curious eyes
    • The soft, yet mysterious facial features on these fantasy sex dolls may appeal to you if you are a fan of fictional works like Lord of the Rings
    • These fantasy sex dolls also don outfits like sexy lingerie or bras and skirts
    • They may carry accessories like bows and arrows to complete their look

Realistic sex doll

  • As its name implies, the realistic sex doll is designed to look and feel like a real woman
    • These fantasy sex dolls are anatomically correct for your sexual pleasure
    • They also have softly opened mouths for oral sex if you prefer
    • These fantasy sex dolls are often dressed in outfits like dresses or lingerie
    • They are often customizable

Furry sex doll

  • The furry sex doll is somewhat of a fun curiosity
    • With its animal-like fur yet human faces, these fantasy sex dolls are more playful in their design than perhaps other fantasy sex dolls
    • They invite a unique level of imagination in people who select them to be their sex doll

Anime sex doll

  • The anime sex doll is designed to look like your favorite anime female characters
    • Donning short skirts and cropped tops common in anime apparel
    • These fantasy sex dolls also have wide eyes and soft facial features
    • Sexy, sweet and small

Celebrity sex doll

  • The celebrity sex doll brings to life your favorite celebrity sexual fantasies
    • Designed to look like the celebrities after which they are modeled, celebrity sex dolls are anatomically correct and sports clothing that the celebrities would wear in real life, on screen, or on stage
    • Celebrity sex dolls are the next best thing to meeting and being with a celebrity in real life.

If these fantasy sex dolls do not meet your expectations, you have the option of ordering a custom sex doll. A custom sex doll can be designed to your specifications and made to look however you please.

Erotic daydreams and sexual fantasies are a normal part of being a healthy and fully functional sexual being. Rather than be ashamed of them, you should embrace your fantasies and even bring them to life in the bedroom. You can act out your fantasies in real life with a fantasy sex doll that can be designed to satisfy your expectations and desires.

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