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Elf Sex Doll

Ancient folklore and mythology brought to life dozens of creatures that still persist in modern stories today.

Out of all of them, the elf is one that captures people’s imaginations including people who are interested in purchasing and using elf sex dolls in the privacy of their own homes.

An elf sex doll can bring out your creativity and imagination. It can also fulfill your wildest fantasies that may include having sex with an elf.

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What is an Elf?

When you contemplate what is an elf, you might imagine a type of fairy that can fly or perform magic tricks. In fact, elves are not fairies but rather their own unique species of fantastical creatures.

They are derived directly from ancient Norse mythology rather than Arthurian fiction, which perpetuated the myth of the fairy.

Moreover, an elf is said to derive directly from nature, specifically oak trees. They are generally immortal. However, they are capable of dying if their sacred oak tree is cut down.

An elf, whether it be a good or light elf or a dark or bad elf, is generally neutral toward humans.

In some stories, dark elves have been known to kidnap children or lure people to untimely demises.

Info: Overall, however, an elf is indifferent to humans except when it needs or wants something from people in exchange.

Finally, an elf regardless of whether it is good or bad has finely pointed ears. The ears are pointed so that the elf can hear better. These creatures have better hearing than humans.

Now that you know a bit more about these creatures, you might be curious about elf sex dolls. You can play out your attraction to and fascination with an elf by choosing an elf sex doll for yourself.

The Physical Appearance of an Elf. What Type of Elves Exist?

Elf mythology gives us an idea of what an elf looks like and what types of elves supposedly exist in the world today.

To start with, all elves regardless of their good or bad nature are said to be extremely beautiful. They all have fine features that make them more beautiful than humans.

Characteristics of elves:

  • Extremely beautiful
  • Charismatic
  • High Cheekbones
  • Large, round eyes
  • No body hair
  • Voice pitch is higher
  • A male elf is said to weigh around 100 pounds
  • A female elf weighs around 80 pounds.

The Marchion types of elves can be described as either brown, blue, or green.

  • A brown elf has the same color skin as humans. It also has the same colors of hair and eyes as found in human genetics today.
  • A blue elf, on the other hand, has alabaster skin but dark eyes and hair. The hair and eyes have blue tints to them, hence the name of this elf.
  • A green elf has pale green skin and darker green hair. Its eyes are emerald. A green elf is one that is derived directly from nature and the environment.

With these dimensions in mind, you now know how to find an elf sex doll that will closely match the ones found in elf mythology.

The best elf sex dolls will be slender in appearance and size and also have fine facial features and pointed ears that are characteristic of these beings.

Elves in Fiction

Another factor to keep in mind when shopping for an elf sex doll is the fact that you could find one that resembles or is based on your favorite elf in fiction or literature.

Elf fiction and literature has been around for hundreds of years. These creatures can be found in the likes of literature like J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. They also appear in the anime series Berserk.


For people who find it unsettling to invest in an elf sex doll, they are encouraged to recall the definition of anthrophilia.

Info: Anthrophilia is defined as a sexual attraction a non-human humanoid creature.

People who are attracted to an elf or an elf sex doll often find actual human partners to be boring.

Sex with an elf or with an elf sex doll is said to be more satisfying because it allows the person with the elf sex doll to play out his or her wildest elven sex fantasies.

Elf Attraction

So what could possibly attract a person to an elf or an elf sex doll? What type of fulfillment can be possible with elven sex with an elf sex doll or in extraordinary cases with an actual elf?

To begin with, you first must consider the question of whether or not a real elf can exist. Yes, it is entirely possible to play out fantasies with an elf sex doll.

However, some people use their elf sex doll not just as a tool to play out wild elven sex fantasies.

They also invest in an elf sex doll because they believe that an elf can actually exist and possibly even become a real-life sex partner.

Fact: In Iceland, around 10 percent of the population believe that elf or fairy beings actually exist. Another 80 percent cannot rule out the existence of elf or fairy people.

That leaves a mere 10 percent who believe that fairy and elf sex is nothing more than a made-up construct of someone’s wild imagination.

Depending on where you stand in this debate, the purpose of an elf sex doll can serve one of two purposes.

It can be a substitute for sex with fairies or an elf, something that you wish you could engage in but have not had the fortune to as of yet.

Alternatively, the best elf sex dolls can simply be a tool that you use to bring your fantasy of sex with fairies and other mystical creatures to life.

If you believe that an actual elf does exist, you may want to go beyond enjoying time with your elf sex doll. You might want to attract an elf to spend time with you. So how can you accomplish this?

Unlike an elf sex doll, a real elf is said to be somewhat skittish and possibly turned off by certain behaviors and belongings you might take for granted.

People who claim to have engaged in actual elf sex say that you should be quiet and avoid singing or talking too loudly.

You should also find a quiet space in nature like a forest or cave in which to wait. You should avoid wearing any type of metal except silver that could repel an elf from approaching you.

In some aspects, having sex with an elf can be similar to using an elf sex doll. An elf is said to be up to fulfilling your wildest fantasies.

However, just as you might not want to disclose details about your elf sex doll, you likewise are encouraged not to divulge details about your time with an actual elf. The elf may not return to you for a future rendezvous.

Whether you believe in the elf existence or not, you can indulge your sexual fantasies of being with an elf when you invest in an elf sex doll.

The elf sex doll you pick out for yourself can be designed and modeled after your favorite elf character from literature or fiction. You can also special order an elf sex doll designed to your own specifications.

Is Elf Sex Better than Sex with a Human?

A recent news story was published about an Icelandic woman purporting to have had sexual intercourse with an elf.

She claims she did not use an elf sex doll but rather encountered an actual elf while out walking in the wilderness.

Based on her encounter, she says that having sex with an elf is much better than having sex with a real person. She went on to describe her encounter with the elf in detail.

The first thing she described was how the elf attracted her to it. She said it engaged in dirty talk with her. She also said it had an incredible tongue that it used for oral sex.

She said the elf was limber and flexible, allowing it to engage in positions not possible with a human. She also said the elf instinctively knew what she wanted, again something not possible with a real human partner.

This woman’s description of elf sex can inspire people who are already curious about what is like to be with an elf sex doll.

Like the elf described by the woman, an elf sex doll can be designed and made with a tongue that can be used for sexual purposes.

The elf sex doll also can be made to be flexible and limber, allowing you to pose your elf sex doll in whatever position you like.

While an elf sex doll cannot respond to you with dirty talk, it does have anatomically correct body parts modeled after real human genitalia, tongues, and other parts.

These parts on the elf sex doll look and feel like the real thing. Some people who have been with an elf sex doll say they cannot differentiate between it and a real human.

An elf sex doll is unlike any sex doll you may find for sale on the market today. It takes your sexual fantasies to a whole new level.

An elf sex doll is also more petite with finer features, making it more beautiful, mysterious, and alluring than other types of sex dolls.

When you are already fascinated by elf folklore and these mystical creatures, you can bring your elf sex dreams to life by investing in an elf sex doll for your pleasure.

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