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Custom Sex Dolls

The adult toy industry offers some of the most lifelike sex dolls on the market. Even at that, you may not find a realistic sex doll that suits your needs or preferences.

Rather than go without high-quality sex dolls for your own personal enjoyment, you may find it better to order a custom sex doll. You can get a customizable sex doll by learning how to place an order for one and what aspects of your doll can be tailored to your specifications.

What are Custom Sex Dolls?

As their name implies, custom sex dolls are high-quality sex dolls that can be custom ordered, designed, and made just for you.

They are significantly different than mass-produced sex dolls that are for sale online and in some adult entertainment stores. They are created to match your exact specifications for them. 

A custom sex doll can also be designed to look and function like a realistic sex doll.

When you order a high-quality custom sex doll, you get the opportunity to specify its head size, breast measurements, skin and eye color, and even its manicure and pedicure color.

Other DIY sex doll specifics that you can customize with your custom sex doll order include:

  • Areola size and color
  • Whether or not it has pubic hair
  • The color of the pubic hair
  • Labia color
  • Feet style and size

To place an order for a DIY sex doll, you typically only have to specify on the custom sex doll order form what aspects you want it to have.

The company that makes your custom sex doll will then use those specifications to design and create your ideal custom sex doll.

Info: It will be delivered discreetly to you once it has been customized to your satisfaction.

How It Works

The steps to build a sex doll are relatively straightforward. You first must choose a company from which to order your custom sex doll.

You then follow the criteria for designing and ordering a customizable sex doll just for your personal use.

It can be important that you order your customizable sex doll from a reputable company with plenty of experience making customizable sex dolls.

You do not want to order a custom sex doll from a company that specializes in other adult toys and has little to no experience making customizable sex dolls for their targeted audience.

After you decide what company to build a sex doll for you, you can then start the process of ordering your custom sex doll. Most of these companies will have order forms for custom made sex dolls.

You should use this custom sex doll order form to indicate what features you want your custom sex doll to have and what factors you want to omit from its design.

The typical order for custom made sex dolls begins with you selecting what type of head and face you want it to have.

You also should select what type of body size you want your custom sex doll to have, whether it be slender, regular build, or even fat.

Along with selecting what type of head and face you want it to have, you also should decide what type of facial features you want your custom sex doll to have. These facets include eye color, size of the nose and mouth, and hairstyle.

Other factors to decide for your custom sex doll include:

  • Skin color
  • Fixed or replaceable vagina
  • Regular or stand-up feet
  • Storage options like a suspension hook or flight case

You also have the option of ordering a deluxe care kit for your custom sex doll. The custom sex doll care kit comes with inserted vaginal warmers and a heated blanket.

You also can specify accessories for your custom sex doll, for example:

  • tattoos
  • jewelry
  • clothing 

What Parts of the Sex Doll Can You Customize?

When you plan on ordering a custom sex doll, you may wonder what parts you can specifically custom order.

What parts come standard on the custom sex doll and what parts can you specify how you want them to be designed and to appear on your custom sex doll?

Depending on the company from which you are ordering your custom sex doll, you may be able to custom order a wide variety of parts. The custom sex doll may come standard with a reinforced PVC or metal skeleton.

Aside from the skeleton as well as the material from which the skin is made, you may have total discretion to determine what body parts you want your custom sex doll to have.

In fact, it is not uncommon for custom sex doll companies to ask you about your specifications for body parts like:

  • Torso or body size
  • Head
  • Hairstyle or wig
  • Skin color
  • Eye Color
  • Fixed or removable vagina
  • Breast and areola size
  • Manicure and pedicure color and style
  • The presence or lack of pubic hair
  • The color of pubic hair
  • Feet style

You also will need to specify how you want your custom sex doll to be stored when you are not using it.

Most custom sex doll companies can send you a flight case or a suspension hook from which to hang your custom sex doll.

These storage options prevent your custom sex doll from flattening or becoming misshapen.

Considerations and Benefits of Custom Sex Dolls

Why would you want to order a custom sex doll for yourself? This type of sex doll can come with a variety of benefits that might appeal to you as a fan of sex dolls.

To start, it can be designed and made to be ultra-realistic and even based on your fantasy woman. The company can create the sex doll of your dreams whether it be a furry, celebrity, or anime sex doll.

Further, a customized sex doll comes as a perfect woman with no flaws like stretch marks or scars found on real women.

The doll also comes as a “virgin” in that it has never been used before by anyone else. It is yours to do with entirely as you please.

That being said, you should be aware that custom sex dolls can be more expensive than standard mass produced sex dolls on the market.

A customized doll can cost upwards of $4000 to $7000. However, if it fulfills your fantasies, it could be well worth the investment.

Finally, a custom sex doll lets you fulfill your ultimate erotic daydreams or sexual fantasies that you might not be able to, for whatever reason, be able to fulfill with a human partner.

You might feel inhibited with a real-life partner, for example. You also may not find a partner willing to try all of the fantasies you would like to play out in your bedroom.

Who Should Order Custom Sex Dolls?

After learning about what a custom sex doll is, you might wonder if you should order yourself one. Who really orders these dolls and for what reasons?

In reality, anyone who is 18 years old or older can order a custom sex doll. If you cannot find a sex doll that meets your expectations or you want a doll that looks like your dream sex partner, you might find it worth the while to order one from a reputable sex doll company.

Likewise, if you have a fetish that cannot be satisfied with the sex dolls for sale in stores or on the Internet, you might place a custom order for one.

You can indicate what your fetishes are and how you want your doll to appear. Once it is created to your specifications, it can accommodate your sexual needs and let you play out your wildest fantasies.

People who are in love with celebrities might want to custom order a doll that looks just like their favorite actors, actresses, or singers.

You may not be able to find a celebrity sex doll for sale in stores or on the Internet. Instead of going without one, you can custom order one for yourself.

Finally, anyone with the amount of money to spend and interested in a good return on the investment may find it worth the while to custom order a sex doll.

Info: Custom dolls cost twice or three times the amount of a regular sex doll for sale. However, for the price you pay, you get a high-quality doll that will last for years with proper care. When you want to bypass dolls that might not be as sturdily made, you could custom order one from a good sex doll company.

When you want to bypass dolls that might not be as sturdily made, you could custom order one from a good sex doll company.

Customized sex dolls can be worth the while when you want a high-quality sex doll that will last for years.

Your doll can be designed and made to accommodate whatever erotic daydream or sexual fantasy you have.

It also can be created to your exact specifications, allowing you to get a sex doll that looks like the person of your dreams.

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