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Celebrity Sex Dolls

Sex dolls come in a wide variety of styles and designs today. Among the designs that are most popular, celebrity sex dolls prove to be a bestseller for both male and female buyers.

A celebrity sex doll can bring to life the ultimate celebrity sex fantasy that people may be too inhibited to act out with a human sex partner. You can decide if a celebrity sex doll is right for you by learning why these dolls are so popular and what role celebrity sex dolls can play in your sexual fantasies.

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Why Celebrity Sex Fantasies are Normal

Chances are that you currently have or have had a celebrity sex fantasy in the past. In fact, a survey conducted by a popular women’s magazine showed that 52 percent of respondents admitted to having celebrity sex fantasies. This statistic bolsters the idea of sexual fantasies involving celebrities as being perfectly normal.

In fact, they are so normal that they do not pose much if any risk to your real-life romantic relationships so long as you do not act on them with people outside of your marriage or partnership. If anything, if you must act on your celebrity sexual fantasy and your partner is not willing, it would serve you better to use one of the celebrity sex dolls that you can buy online today.

Acting out sexual fantasies with celebrity sex dolls can be the next best thing to being with the actual celebrity.

Women may act out any of the top 10 woman fantasies that include:

  • Sex with strangers
  • Threesomes
  • Domination and submission
  • Sex in public
  • Being ravaged by several men at the same time
  • Having sex with another woman
  • Stripping
  • Double penetration
  • Using sex toys
  • Rough sex

Alternatively, guys likewise may find celebrity sex dolls useful in making their top 10 male fantasies come to life.

These top 10 male fantasies include:

  • Woman being in charge
  • Oral sex
  • Threesomes
  • Anal sex
  • Watching others have sex
  • Sex in public
  • Using sex toys
  • Sex with a stranger
  • Fetishes
  • Role playing

Whether you are acting out male or top 10 woman fantasies, you may have a more fulfilling experience by using one of the celebrity sex dolls for sale than trying to convince a human partner to go along with your ideas in bed.

Top Celebrity Stars You May Fantasize About

Celebrity sex fantasies are entirely normal and are more common than you might imagine. Given how inundated today’s culture is with celebrity news, it is little wonder that celebrities may occupy many of your thoughts each day.

Today’s celebrities are also beautiful, intriguing, and even enticing to everyday people like you. You may not be able to help yourself in wondering what it might be like to have sex with or be romantically involved with your favorite movie stars, singers, professional athletes, and entertainers. You would not be alone in your infatuation with people who make the entertainment headlines on a daily basis.

In fact, when asked what stars occupied their favorite celebrity sexual fantasies, female respondents to this survey answered that they would most enjoy being intimate with some stars.

The following stars are really attractive to the female respondents:

  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Chris Pratt
  • Brad Pitt
  • Johnny Depp
  • Tom Cruise
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Channing Tatum
  • Adam Levine
  • Bradley Cooper

Men who took part in the survey said they had sexual fantasies about female celebrities like:

  • Beyonce
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Taylor Swift
  • The Kardashian and Jenner sisters
  • Megan Fox
  • Jessica Alba
  • Katy Perry
  • Sofia Vergara

With as well-guarded as these and other celebrities are, you more than likely will never get a chance to say hello to them, let alone spark up a romantic relationship with them.

Still, you may not be able to help but indulge in your fantasies of your favorite stars.

Rather than chase after them in real-life, you can bring your celebrity sexual fantasies to life by ordering and utilizing celebrity sex dolls.

Celebrity sex dolls can be made to look exactly like or similar to your favorite celebrities.

The Most Requested Celebrity Sex Dolls

Larah Kroft sex doll

The makers of celebrity sex dolls get hundreds of different requests each month. People want their celebrity sex dolls to look and feel just like the real people after which they are modeled.

Out of all of the celebrity sex dolls that are the requested on a frequent basis, one is requested the most often.

People who want celebrity sex dolls for themselves often ask for one that looks just like Marilyn Monroe.

As much as the manufacturers of celebrity sex dolls are eager to please their customers, they cannot fulfill the request to make one look exactly like Monroe, however.

In fact, they can make celebrity sex dolls that look similar to Monroe. They just cannot make one in her exact likeness.

The makers of celebrity sex dolls do not have permission from her estate to use her image in this way.

If they make celebrity sex dolls that look like her, they could face lawsuits from her estate and lose much or all of their profits.

Info: To accommodate people who want Marilyn Monroe celebrity sex dolls, manufacturers offer to make celebrity sex dolls that look similar to her.

They can make celebrity sex dolls with platinum blonde hair, large breasts, blue eyes, and red mouths, all of which were iconic characteristics of Monroe.

Many times, these celebrity sex dolls are enough to placate even the most die-hard of fans.

The Rise of Celebrity Sex Dolls

Jessica Drake sex doll

Just as makers of celebrity sex dolls cannot make a doll in the exact likeness of Marilyn Monroe, they likewise have to be careful after what celebrities they model their celebrity sex dolls.

Celebrities have to give permission for their likenesses to be used in the making of celebrity sex dolls. Those that do not give permission have the right to sue companies that make celebrity sex dolls that look just like them.

However, given the huge demand for celebrity sex dolls, many celebrities are willing to give permission as long as they get royalties for the sale of each doll.

They are happy to license their images as long as the makers of celebrity sex dolls give them a portion of each sale of each doll that looks like them.

Info: Many celebrities bring in millions of dollars in extra income by agreeing to have celebrity sex dolls made to look just like them.

While many celebrities agree to license their images, some still do not allow makers of celebrity sex dolls to create dolls in their images.

With that, before you place orders for your favorite celebrity sex dolls, you may want to make sure the celebrities allow their images to be used for this purpose.

If you order a porn doll that looks like a celebrity who has not agreed to license his or her image, you and the porn doll maker could face serious legal consequences.

Aside from the legalities involved with making celebrity sex dolls, other questions arise about whether these dolls are harmless or if they could cause some ethical concerns.

To start, some ethicists wonder if teenagers will opt to lose their virginity to sex dolls rather than form real-life romantic relationships with people their own age.

Likewise, ethics experts wonder as well if people will develop an addiction to sex dolls, especially those that look like celebrities, and in essence become zombies in everyday life.

Will they no longer able to connect with and form relationships with others at work, school, church, and elsewhere in society?

Finally, the question of whether or not sex dolls that look like celebrities could cause people to become psychopaths remains unanswered.

Could people develop an unhealthy fetish for celebrities and use their dolls to perfect their plan to come into contact with and pursue celebrities in real life?

These questions persist despite the high sales of celebrity sex dolls. People are not concerned enough about these ethical dilemmas to abandon their desires to own these sex dolls for themselves.

Celebrity Porn Star Dolls

Asa Akira sex doll

Within the celebrity sex doll industry is a unique niche dedicated just to today’s porn stars.

Porn stars like Jessica Drake and Asa Akira readily agree to have their images used in the making of sex dolls.

People who are fans of porn actresses can easily find and order a Jessica Drake or Asa Akira sex doll online today.

In fact, Drake even appreciated how realistic her sex doll looked when she first encountered it at a Las Vegas convention. She admired how it made noises in her own voice in response to it being penetrated.

The doll she was presented with in Las Vegas was actually a second attempt to make a doll that looks just like her. She said the first doll, made by another company, was cheap and not impressive.

The company RealDoll that made her second doll version created one that was realistic and looked just like her.

So why would an Asa Akira sex doll pay off for porn stars who agree to license their images? Porn movies today are easy to pirate and steal, robbing porn stars of their royalties.

Likewise, porn movies are not selling as well as they did in the past. Stars cannot make the revenue they once did prior to the invention of the Internet.

Porn sex dolls allow stars to cash in on their images because dolls cannot be as easily stolen. They get royalties for each doll that is sold that looks like them.

Further, they can make more money because porn sex dolls are often considered to be collectibles. The sheer number of sex dolls sold could garner them lucrative revenue.

A celebrity sex doll can bring to life your favorite celebrity sexual fantasies. Sex dolls made in the likenesses of celebrities are becoming more popular today.

They recreate the next best thing to being with an actual celebrity and allow you to experience satisfaction without having to pursue your favorite actors, singers, and other entertainers in real life.

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