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Black Sex Doll

The manufacturers of sex dolls today offer them in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Among those that are the most popular, black sex dolls capture the imaginations of people who are attracted to exotic and mysterious beauty.

A black sex doll can satisfy your own curiosity about what it is like to be with a real life black woman.

You can find a black sex doll designed to exceed your expectations and surprise you with its life-like physical attributes and durability.

Elena: Curly Hair Black Sex Doll

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Zara: Big Ass Black Sex Doll

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Francine: Beautiful Black Sex Doll

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Destiny: Ebony Sex Doll

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Kendra: Mixed Race Sex Doll

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What is a Black Fetish and Where Does It Come From?

Racial fetishism dates back to the Colonial period during which black slaves were viewed as property by their owners.

Slave owners were convinced that the physical attributes on a black woman were not anything that others would find attractive or desire on a sexual level. As such, they felt justified in raping and sexually assaulting black female slaves.

This racial fetishism continued long after slavery was outlawed in the mid-1880s.

Paintings of black women, in particular, highlighted the women’s physical attributes namely

  • Their large lips
  • Rounded hips
  • Sizable backsides
  • Curly hair or cornrows.

These attributes were often described as a type of “otherness” not found in but fetishized by whites.

This fetish carried over to some extent to black men. In 1986, a photographic art show depicted nude photos of black men. The men were not doing anything sexual in the photographs. They were merely posing.

However, audiences who saw the art show fetishized the black men and criticized the photographs as being sexual in nature.

Audiences objectified the men for their sexual attributes rather than for the fact that they were merely posing or standing when the photos were taken.

This fetishism carries on today as evidenced by songs like Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. In the song, Minaj sings about the rounded, curvy, and sizable attributes typical for black women.

While some fans of her song praised Minaj for embracing black sexuality, others criticized Minaj for the song’s racial stereotypes.

The song referred to the “otherness” of black women that continue to make them objects of fetish desires for many men today.

While the debate continues about to what extent black women should or should not be the objects of racial fetishes, you might want to satisfy your own curiosity about and desire for how to love a black woman.

When you lack the confidence to pursue a black woman or you do not know any black women to ask out for a date, you could satisfy your own desires with a black sex doll.

An ebony sex doll is designed to look and feel like a real human. You can practice and gain confidence in how to love a black woman using a black sex doll in the privacy of your own home.

What Makes Black Women Attractive?

You might wonder what makes black women attractive to people of all races. What attributes do black women have that cannot be found in women of other ethnic backgrounds and races?

To answer these questions, it would first be fair to consider the acceptability of men who love black women and women who love black men.

Until the mid-1960s, it was taboo for men to love black women on a romantic or sexual level. In fact, interracial marriages were outlawed in all 50 states until 1965 when the laws were overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

After the Supreme Court overturned the ban on interracial marriages, more men and women began to pursue relationships with people of other races.

Fact: In particular, more white women pursued relationships with and marriages to black men. The percentage of interracial marriages from the mid-1960s to today more than doubled, in fact.

However, it also became more acceptable in society for white men to pursue relationships with and marriages to black women.

As more men embraced their attractions to black women, they also became more accepting about the notion of being fascinated with black sex dolls.

On a purely sexual level, a man’s attraction to and desire for a black sex doll can be attributed to its physical features including

  • Its curvy body
  • Wide hips
  • Dark skin

These attributes are the objects of many men’s fetishes and something to be satisfied with a black sex doll.

In real life, however, the attraction between two people of different races, primarily between a white person and a black person, often stems from more than a physical desire.

It also comes from an emotional and romantic compatibility with each other.

With this in mind, some men desire a black sex doll not only for its physical features but also for the fantasized emotional and romantic appeal that it can offer to the owner of the black sex doll.

Another reason for why an African American sex doll might be appealing to any man is the acceptance of black physical features.

Until recently, black features like large lips and curly hair were viewed as “otherly” and not within the boundaries of mainstream beauty.

However, celebrities like the Kardashians and the Jenner sisters have popularized these attributes and undergone cosmetic surgeries to make themselves look blacker.

This mimicking of black features on both celebrities and on an African American sex doll has caused some friction especially among black bloggers, celebrities, and others. They note that these physical features are now widely praised and accepted on white people but still viewed as outside of mainstream beauty when found on black women.

Further, it reduces the contribution of black women to society. Black women are appreciated for what they can offer in terms of beauty but not in terms of anything else.

The Best Black Sex Dolls

You can find a wide black sex doll variety for sale on the market today. Fans of black sex doll choices say that these dolls are sexy because of their curvy bodies, wide hips, and chocolate skin, among other physical attributes.

They also are viewed as worth the investment because of their realistic appearance, luxurious design, and high-quality construction.

With racial fetishism more acceptable in mainstream society, it is little wonder why a man might purposely seek out a black sex doll over other types of sex dolls.

A black sex doll plays upon the physical attributes that make black women so appealing to some men. They also allow men to fulfill their fantasies about being with black women in real life.

The varieties of black sex dolls on the market range from full-figured and voluptuous to athletic and toned.

When you are in the market for a black sex doll, you can find one that could exceed your expectations and fulfill all of your fantasies about black women.

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