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People who are not fans of anime and manga often use the terms interchangeably. They make no distinction in the difference between manga and anime.

However, anime and manga are two different types of Japanese artistic creations. They also can be differentiated from the Japanese term hentai.

You can differentiate a hentai sex doll from a manga or anime sex doll by learning how these terms are applied in the Japanese culture.

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What is the Difference between Manga and Anime and Hentai?


The Japanese terms of anime, manga, and hentai are all distinguishable from each other. For example, anime is a term that applies to a style of Japanese animation.

Anime is created at a speed of 30 frames per second, allowing it to be very high-quality, more so than a manga creation.

Further, a single work of anime encompasses billions of separate images, which lends to its beauty. Each frame within an anime creation forms a cell that helps complete the series.

Anime utilizes fuller and sharper colors albeit with fewer details. It also always has a background that matches the thoughts of the characters.

Conclusion: Anime features more movement and is thus livelier than manga.


The answer to what is manga refers to Japanese comics. It utilizes panels to draw images; each page is separate, and each picture is drawn to create a storyboard.

When it comes to what is manga, there is more space for placing words although it uses fewer pages than anime. Only the front, back, and inside covers are colored in a manga.

It does not utilize a background.

Conclusion: The characters can move easily from one page to the next despite the lack of a background.


The hentai definition can be loosely translated into English as perversion or abnormality. People who are familiar with hentai associate it with Japanese animated pornography.

In Japanese, the term is applied to a specific subset of animated porn that typically revolves around a kink or fetish.

In the U.S., the hentai definition is used interchangeably with pornography and can apply to both softcore and hardcore porn. It also applies to the adult sex toy industry.

Conclusion: A hentai sex doll may be mistakenly labeled as an anime sex doll, for example. However, because the doll is modeled after anime characters or designed in the anime style, it is referred to an anime sex doll rather than a hentai or manga sex doll.

Now that you know the difference among all of these terms, you can decide if you are interested in anime sex dolls, hentai sex dolls, or manga sex dolls.

You can shop for the one that best suits your preferences and level of interest in these forms of Japanese adult fantasy.

The History of Hentai

To answer the question of what is hentai, you first must understand the term’s origins.

It is a Sino-Japanese word that describes any person, action, or state that is considered to be sexually queer or perverse. It is not exclusive to homosexuality, however.

In fact, the hentai meaning more broadly applies to any sex act or motivation that is outside of typical sexual relations.

For example, someone with an attraction to anime sex dolls could have the term hentai applied to him or her because sex with an anime sex doll is outside of normal sexual activities for most people.

In terms of manga or anime, the hentai meaning refers to extreme or perverse animated or comic book sexual content.

Western fans of both anime and manga are typically well-acquainted with the term hentai and how it applies to these Japanese subcultures.

While fans of anime and manga may associate hentai with an anime sex doll or mini anime sex doll, the term itself actually dates back to the Meiji period.

During that time in Japan, it was used to describe any abnormal or unusual behavior including hysteria, telepathy, and hypnosis.

The modern term of what is hentai became more mainstream during and after World War II when people began appreciating the control they had over their own bodies.

In the rubble of the war, they recognized their bodies as the one thing in their lives over which they had control.

After the war, the press and popular culture shifted their focus to mainstreaming hentai, even promoting the notion of owning and using an anime sex doll or Japanese sex toys to fulfill one’s sexual fantasies.

Conclusion: Hentai crossed over into literature and movies. It eventually made its way west to countries like the U.S. where it is now not entirely unusual for people to utilize an anime sex doll or mini anime sex doll for their own sexual purposes.

Hentai Sex Dolls

Hentai sex dolls are many times referred to as an anime sex doll. However, an anime sex doll can be entirely different than a hentai doll.

In fact, to appreciate this subset of an anime love doll, you first need to ask yourself “is hentai anime?

It is true that the debate of is hentai anime can be answered to some degree when you realize that hentai sex dolls blur the line between anime or manga and real life.

Further, an anime love doll is based on anime or manga characters, allowing it to be useful in fulfilling people’s hentai fantasies that fall outside of typical sexual mores.

Further, an entire subset of anime is dedicated to sex doll anime.

Sex doll anime indeed falls within the more refined definition of hentai as it pertains to:

  • Sexual fantasies
  • Japanese sex toys
  • Japanese sex dolls

It is entirely possible for someone to utilize an anime sex doll for hentai purposes and the fulfillment of what could be labeled as extraordinary or unusual erotic daydreams or fantasies.

Conclusion: In terms of anime sex toys, the use of an attraction to an anime sex doll can, in fact, be defined as hentai. An anime sex doll itself, however, may not be defined as a hentai sex doll. Hentai dolls typically must satisfy or address a specific fetish or kink that falls beyond the definition of normal sexual behavior.

Why are Anime Sex Dolls So Popular?

The idea of buying and owning an anime sex doll appeals to many fans of anime and manga. An anime sex doll, for instance, looks nothing like a real human woman.

In that respect, an anime sex doll indulges the highest level of fantasy and appeals to people who may find reality to be boring and mundane. They want to escape reality, which is why an anime sex doll may fulfill their sexual purposes.

Further, an anime sex doll can also be based on a person’s favorite character. Much like how fans of celebrities may appreciate owning a celebrity sex doll, someone may want an anime sex doll to fulfill the fantasy of being with his or her favorite anime character. The anime sex doll makes this fantasy possible.

Finally, an anime sex doll is often styled to look unlike any other sex doll on the market. These dolls are delicate in appearance, have angelic faces, round eyes, and soft mouths. They are feminine in their design and somewhat mysterious in their appeal factor. People who are into exotic appearances may find an anime sex doll to be to his or her liking.


  • You can escape from reality
  • The doll can be your favorite character
  • They have different appearances than usual sex dolls

The Benefits of Owning an Anime Sex Doll

So why should you invest in an anime sex doll for yourself? To begin with, this type of sex doll gives you the chance to make your wildest sexual fantasies come true.

If you are attracted to anime or manga characters, you may find an anime sex doll to be the next best thing to a human replica of your favorite character.

Further, these dolls are not only beautiful. They are also pliable, soft, and finely designed. They have delicate features that make them interesting and mysterious. They are exotic and blur the line between reality and fantasy.

They also let you play out your favorite anime fantasies without you having to rely on another person to understand what you want in the bedroom.

Your doll will not grow frustrated or bored with you. You also do not have to feel embarrassed about bringing your fantasy to life when you are with an anime sex doll.

Anime, manga, and hentai all have different meanings in Japanese culture. These terms are somewhat misunderstood in Western countries like the U.S. When they are applied to the adult toy industry, they likewise have significant differences.

You can decide whether to invest an anime, manga, or hentai sex doll for yourself by learning more about each term and its proper application to Japanese sex toys.


  • You can make your wildest fantasies come true
  • The dolls are beautiful
  • They feel really good
  • You can do whatever you want and whenever you want
  • You do not have to feel embarrassed about your fantasies coming true
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